Firstly, don’t worry about your current starting point. Everyone has one. You do NOT need to be fit as we cater for all shapes, sizes and fitness levels with our Fitness Ranking System and all of the workouts can be scaled according to your ability.

For your safety and peace of mind- All our classes are led by well qualified personal trainers who will guide you through all the movements and ensure your form and technique is always correct.

You can choose to train twice, 3 times or 4 times a week for 30-45 minute sessions of training.  With an average of 6 -12 people per class it makes for a great vibe and an awesome community of like-minded women! If this sounds like the vibe that’ll help get you into your best shape with zero contracts, PLEASE free to contact us for a trial session or to get you set up and one step closer to achieving your goals!