Success Stories

Goal: Get Ready For A Special Event!
Whether it’s a wedding, a mud run or anything else you have to look and feel great to do – we are here to get you there. Just ask how!
Goal: Look More Fit And Feel Great In Your Skin!
Fitness has a lot to do with self-confidence and body image. Sometimes, we like to amp up that visual appeal and this gets us on track. But along the way you may find other reasons to be more fit as well!
Goal: Show that more vibrant person waiting to get out!
When you are such a happy amazing person but some of the extra pounds are causing you to become more introverted and well, a little depressed, sometimes you need that extra jump start to get going. Start small and work your way to new goals with Ascension Fitness! We specialize in building up your confidence so you can start to imagine a new you!