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Welcome to Our Facility- Our facility focuses 100% on YOU and your results. We believe that personal training is truly Personal. Unlike big gyms, you will never be intimidated or have to deal with overcrowding, distractions or unwanted sales pressure.

So, if you live in the Warwick area and you are even the slightest bit serious about sculpting a leaner & healthier physique, then you absolutely MUST take advantage of this special offer from your local personal fitness trainer…


For a limited time, we are giving you the opportunity to try our program for only $10. This is valid to anyone who is sincere about living a leaner and healthier lifestyle. This program is designed to help you shed pounds of unwanted fat, boost your metabolism, increase your lean muscle and ultimately live the energetic life you deserve.


What is FitRanX™?

FitRanX™ is a comprehensive and standardized ranking system used for gauging individuals’ fitness levels. This is not a system based on how long you have been at a facility or how much your trainer thinks you have improved. This is a REAL ranking system that took years to develop and perfect.

How does FitRanX™ work?

It works through standardized fitness testing. There are 8 FitRanX™ levels with corresponding colors that represent each level. That means a level 5 in Los Angeles, CA has to accomplish the same thing as a level 5 in London, England.



Fitness Testing?

In order for you to progress from one level to the next, you must participate in a fitness test that uses specific exercises to determine strength within the exercises’ respective muscle groups. There is also a conditioning portion required for each level’s advancement. Through scientific testing and months of development in the FitRanX™ system, these exercises have been proven to allow you to demonstrate personal fitness growth in each major muscle group, as well as cardiovascular conditioning.

As soon pass through the FitRanX™ system, you wear the color of your corresponding fitness level in RanX Band form whenever you are at the facility or out in town.


Our Revolutionary Fitness Ranking System keeps you motivated and gives you clear and specific goals to strive for while ensuring that you are achieving balanced, full-body fitness. You get maximum results under the supervision of the most qualified fitness instructors.

This is why FitRanX™ is the solution to your problems…

checkmark It keeps you motivated!

checkmark It gives you an abundance of short term goals to reach

checkmark The testing days develop so much positive energy, everyone wants to be a part of it.

checkmark With our ever changing workouts, you will never be bored again.

checkmark You become part of the team. Everyone helps each other reach their true potential.

checkmark FitRanX™ gets you RESULTS.

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Other personal trainers are charging well over $200 for similar packages. You now have access to EVERYTHING detailed above for only $10.

  • About The Program
  • Rules
  • Money Back Guarantee
  •  Are You Ready For Our 10 Day Challenge

    About: This is a semi-private fitness challenge that is reserved to only a few participants. The small group size of the challenge does two things…

    First, it ensures that you get a quality workout with your personal trainer without losing the attention of traditional personal fitness training.

    Second, this approach cuts back on your session cost. Now you have the opportunity to train 3 days a week for the price of a single session.

    Where: RBF Fitness and Nutrition is located at 5 Soule St. Warwick, RI 02886(inside Unleashed)

  •  Promotion Rules

    1) This special promotion is limited to one purchase per person.

    2) Since this is a semi-private session, you agree to be respectful and encouraging towards your teammates.

    3) Come in, work hard and have fun.

  •  Money Back Guarantee

    If for any reason during this 10-day period you are not 100% satisfied with the program or it’s not what you had in mind, just let us know and you will be immediately refunded your ENTIRE purchase price. 

  • Call Us At 401-359-4652

    or email: info@kickboxingisforme.com

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